OK, I finally caught it on camera - Ash the escapee, making his way out the cat door. Honestly, he hardly even fits through it anymore, but he is quite determined. When we catch him like this, we have to help him right through, or wait for him to finish by himself, since he can't get his shoulders back through. Crazy stuff.

We FINALLY got our table and chairs delivered the other day, but guess what? Damaged in transit! Useless courier company. They wrapped the table legs really tight, pulling them together, so they are now all loose. We have it sitting upside down on the kitchen floor until it can be fixed. Ben is not a big fan of DIY, so I am not allowed to add any screws or nails - we'll eventually get a friend who knows what they are doing to look at it for us.

Took some cute photos of Ben playing with the kids the other day - though it is not so easy to carry both of them anymore! They are getting heavy :) about 24 kg between the two I think, maybe a bit more.

And HOW CUTE is this little vest? I won it on ebay, for Sienna. Love it!

Haven't scrapped in a few days. I decided to give up on the Scrapbooks and More Elsie Challenges. I'd done a fair amount, 24 or something? Anyhow, the messageboard on the site is very slow to be updated, trouble with the internet or something. So the weekly finalists thing doesn't really happen anymore. Also, there isn't really much value in going the full way - I think you get a $25 voucher if you complete every single one, but that is less than 50cents per layout, and you are not allowed to submit them to mags until after the 6 months. So I decided I'd rather use those layouts, well - some of them at least, to submit. It would only take one or two to outweigh the value of the challenge reward. Besides, a $25 scrapbook shop voucher doesn't go so far, and I don't mean to be critical, but Scrapbooks and More tend to be quite expensive. I was looking for Heidi Swapp acetate alphabets once, and SAM actually charged $1 more than the RRP, where most online stores try to knock a dollar or two OFF the price.

Anyway, long story, lots of reasons, la de da, end result being I no longer have those two challenges a week to make me scrap! Hehe. I have some things to work on, but felt unwell yesterday, so just slept, read and played video games all day. With the kids hanging around, of course, though Ben pretty much took care of them all afternoon.

Today I need to catch up on a few things, so hopefully this week will give me some scrapping time.
I had another thing to say but it will have to wait - this is getting really long!


Julie said...

LOL At the pic Danielle. My dd Asher used to do the same thing with mUm's doggie door. As hse is little she was still getting through it at about three.

sylvia said...

Haha, Ash is such a cool little guy! Great shot! And I loove Ben's T-shirt....!!!!