Two Parcels and a Dragonfly

Actually, three parcels to be technical about it, but one was my page returned from Scrap Creations, which isn't interesting.

BUT first thing's first. I was really sick yesterday. Semi-conscious all day pretty much, despite the kids climbing all over me when they could. They got to watch a lot of tv. And good for me - Ash slept longer than usual. Must have been a nasty bug or something, I woke up at 2:30am and was up until 4am with all the horrors of gastro - or something like it. Then all day was just headachey and nauseous and feeling awful, trying to sleep.

Sienna was cute - at one point I was lying on the couch, and she comes over and says "Naughty Ash. Mummy - get up" and I said "no, mummy's sick". She says "ok, Sienna do" and trots over to Ash, who is pulling Ben's xbox controllers out of the tv cabinet. Sienna takes the controllers off him, says "don't touch, Ash - not a toy" and putting the controllers away, shuts the cabinet doors. Ash wasn't thrilled but I was quite happy about it, and it was super cute.

OK back to my story. So I was sick and horrible, and I had to open the door to sign for a package (the registered Scrap Creations one with my layout). But with it came ANOTHER package, from Rosie, who was my best friend all growing up and is always a part of my heart. It was such a thrill, as we keep in contact with great warmth but only rarely. She sent photos of her girls Athena and Arwen, which I have yet to scan in, and this drawing, and these little people in one of her artistically sewn pieces of fabric which I love. All so wonderful!

AND THEN AND THEN, today when we got home from work and picking the kids up from care, there was another parcel on my door - actually now that I remember, it was in the letterbox. This was a surprise gift sent from Germany from my lovely friend Sylvia King! She bought me this absolutely beautiful dragonfly necklace from Prague, where she and her husband Jeff went for a short break not long ago. I just LOVE it, and took a picture of me wearing it this evening so everyone can see it. I love dragonflies, and wearing the colour green, so it means even more to me that Sylvia chose this for me. I bought a silver dragonfly pendant in Sydney in November (but it is quite different in style), so this one makes it the beginning of a theme, which I am very happy with.

I think what is most meaningful is that I feel quite loved by my distant friends, and it is genuinely heart-warming to feel in their thoughts. I think of my friends, both near and far geographically (and emotionally, actually), all the time, but it is humbling to consider myself being in their thoughts also. True friendships are these where hearts touch even when hands cannot reach.

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful necklace! {i love dragonflies too for some reason...}