Careful of Fingers

What a strange vocabulary I have developed as a parent of toddlers. Just things and phrases you don't really say otherwise. And often things that don't actually make sense!

I am off to Adelaide tonight, with Ash. Will be doing two classes at Creative Edge - one with Zina Wright, which looks awesome, I just found out it is making a mini-album. The other is with Kate Mason, and I still have to choose or print some photos for that one. I'm not sure about it at the moment, as it is called 'Let's get arty' and so I had hoped it would be colourful, but it is pinks and lilacs apparently. Will probably be great tho!

It will also be fantastic to photograph Caden again, about 7 weeks after my first photos of him.

Oops have to run, Sienna is having a drama. Will leave you with a photo, this is the invite and table concept for my cousin Bec's anniversary party next month. Am delivering this stuff to her tomorrow in Adelaide.

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