Silk Road

This layout I did yesterday kind of developed over the afternoon, in between doing other things, and was finally completed late at night after watching the last episode of House Season 2 with Ben. The silk was the back from some quilted silk I have, and I had to unpick all the quilting to use the fabric! So then I used the quilting pattern and sewed it onto the layout with blue stitching. Love the Rhonna Farrer rub-ons too - the birds are from her Scribbles - Enchanted range. The other rub-ons are MME Bohemia.

I got the most funky flocked papers on Sunday afternoon, when I took my friend Sierra and also had Sienna with me, and we went to Prahran. 'Handworks' is a cool art/craft supply shop there, and I got these papers. They didn't, however, have the old-fashioned black photo corners that they used to have, and which I need! Oh well, will have to hunt around.

At Chapel Street Bazaar I bought this funky vintage travel bag - so cool!

I also made the mistake of saying to Sienna I'd get her a Spongebob toy 'if they had one', thinking he was way too 21st century or something. But it is Chapel Street Bazaar, and so of course one of the stalls full of colourful figurines had a couple of Spongebobs. So she was thrilled, and has a new favourite toy! What a funny little girlie.

I was so chuffed to see that Celine Navarro had visited my blog and linked it from her own! She is such a funky scrapbook artist, so colourful. The link to her blog is already in my list on the right. I will add a few more blogs to my list soon, as there are some others I visit regularly as well.


Julie said...

Love the page Danielle. The silk on it looks great.

Cute pic os Sienna with her new toy too.

Anonymous said...

I love the papers you got !!! Awesome! you're gonna make some pretty layouts and paper arts with them! :)

Anonymous said...

these papers are gorgeous girl! where exactly did you get them? {i.want. some.too.haha}