Time to Play

I am so in a scrapping mood at the moment (by that I mean this evening/tonight/right now), but it's past 11 and I've got to work tomorrow. However, I finished one layout since dinner, as well as watching an episode of House and doing a couple of other things.

I can't show it to you tho! I am really excited - I am having a feature article published in Scrapbook Creations in a few months. First time an article I've written will be in print (poetry doesn't count), and tonight's layout is for that feature. But I did one the other day for the 123 Challenge blog - I don't LOVE it but it is kinda cool, and I do really like the sewing of scraps on my chipboard brackets. A funky kinda technique I just felt like doing.

Had all four kids all day today - my two and Kell's two (same ages). Was actually pretty ok. It was good in particular that I had no ambition about achieving anything all day - other than childcaring - but in fact spent the morning tidying the house. Did dishes, cleaned my room, cleaned bathroom, lounge, kitchen, and folded and put away two loads of washing. Kids were really good. Spent afternoon childcaring (they get grumpier as they wear out!) and reading a book.

It was a good day but I am not surprised I was itching to create by the time Ash was in bed!

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Julie said...

Love this page Danielle. Good luck with the 123 challenge. My page is a page in progress.