I'm back.... again

Haven't had a chance to catch my breath yet, but we are all back from South Australia now. Sienna got sick and threw up during the night/morning (not sure) on Monday morning, and again partway down the road when we started driving back to Melbourne. We had to turn around as Ben had left his Nintendo DS Lite somewhere in the house, and when we got back to his dad's Sienna was really upset and needed cleaning up.
Since she was so sick and didn't want to get back in the car at all, it was decided that Ben would continue home in his dad and Gayle's car, and nan (Gayle) would drive with me and the kids in our car on Tuesday, as long as Sienna was better. So long story short, the kids and I got home last night at dinner time, and Gayle drove home today in her car. Ben and I worked today, and the kids were in care, so am very tired!

I did get a few scrap pages done on the weekend, before Sienna got sick, which was so great. I'd been hanging out to create, and had some really nice solitude in Gayle's studio. I also took a few hundred photos, especially on Sunday when my cousin Bec and her hubby Joel came down for the day. Something about me and Bec - it is painful, we just laugh so much all the time. Sore tummies ;) So I will have plenty to edit in the next few weeks. I also edited the rest of Bec's photos, and also the photo shoot of Paige from the weekend before. So it was quite a productive 'holiday' weekend! The kids had a great time too.

The next few days will be busy trying to work out the masses of washing around the house - primarily clean, but still taking over! Also general tidy up, groceries, catching up with people, etc, etc. Thrilling stuff I'm sure.

Anyhow, this page I can show you, I got the idea from Celine's blog where she had done a page about her style. I used some of my funky flocked papers, this gorgeous Wild Asparagus paper and also some interesting tissue paper. Fun fun!

Can't wait to create some more.


sylvia said...

Hey Danielle! good to hear you're safely back. Hope Sienna is feeling much better. Love your page! Talk to you soon.
Love, Sylvia

Anonymous said...

looks absolutely stunning dq!