Excuse Me Mummy

We have been making sure Sienna says excuse me before asking for something lately, and this morning she is being very polite - saying 'excuse me mummy' every thirty seconds so she can point out to me whatever is on tv on the baby einstein video the kids are watching. Is driving me a bit mental, but she is being so polite! So what can you do.

Am really tired, feeling a bit weak still from Tuesday's inexplicable illness, and from lots of gardening. Had some photos printed yesterday, a bunch of 6"x8"s for something different, so would love to scrap but can't today. Later this week though.

Took some photos of my niece and nephew Alannah and Jude the other day. Here is also Alannah with Sienna, and my cute big sis Kell with Jude. Friday, I mean. Here are a couple of shots I like, but I haven't actually looked at them all yet.

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Julie said...

Pics look good Danielle. Can't wait to see them scrapped.