Today is my sister and brother-in-law's 5th wedding anniversary, so a congrats goes out to them! Marriage is hard sometimes and comes so naturally at other times, but our families are our home, and it's a beautiful thing.

Today I did a scrap page for the Kiti Q newsletter using Basic Grey blush products, and I really love it. The photos I took the other day - or was it the other week? - of my big sister Kell and her little boy Jude, who is 18 months. So today I wrote a poem to go with the layout (I'd got as far as making the brackets, and realised I needed journalling to go in them!), which came really easily so that's good. And the kids were both sleeping (shock! Sienna hardly ever sleeps in the day) so I had time to put it together in peace, which was very pleasant indeed :)

This afternoon I am photographing Kell and Roh for some anniversary photos, and on Saturday Kell is having a scrapbooking day! Yay! So I hope I will do at least one layout on the weekend. Now I am going to tidy the house and sing along to Regina Spektor, while Ash runs amok and Sienna reads books.

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Julie said...

Loved the page in the news letter Danielle and love it here. Great work.