Ich, Schmutzig?

Love this photo of Ash getting all messy with his noodle lunch. The tshirt is from Germany and means "Me, dirty? Never!" Though I am not sure if 'messy' would be a more accurate translation maybe? Anyhow, you get the idea. It is appropriate for Ash since he can only wear it for about ten minutes before he starts getting grubby.

Sienna got sick today, poor blipper. Vomiting all over herself in the car, and a couple of hours later all over herself AND her bed. Fun fun. She is having a sleep now at least.

I am a bit melancholy as I was pulling out weeds in the garden, and hoed my foot. With a hoe. It hurts. And of course, it is the same foot that I twisted a few weeks ago and which hasn't even healed properly from that. So it all hurts now, and I can't continue gardening because of it. I have a lot of work to do, so it feels like a bit of a waste.

Here is another cute photo - this time of my nephew Jude. Cheeky little fella :)

No new creations to share, but have just had a few photos printed so may get to play tomorrow or later this week. Hopefully, anyway!

It is bizarrely quiet in general at the moment, in some ways, because everyone is away or busy or holidaying. But the shops are madly busy just before christmas too. Strange combination. Hope everyone has a good few days off! It is even quite pleasant balmy weather for a change (well, in Melbourne), so enjoy!


Kelly said...

Hiya Dan,
Sounds like you aren't having the best of days health/injury wise - hope it has improved this afternoon for you. Give Sienna a HUGE hug for me too - poor little thing.
Love the new photos - completely adorable.
Miss you and love you lots,

Julie said...

Love the pics Danielle. They look so cute.

Hope you foot gets better soon.

Wishing you and your family a very safe and happy christmas and new year.