Conflict and Pancakes

To anyone who has known me / read my blog for a long time, internal conflict is not really news. I regularly have these outbursts of conflict, or maybe they should be called inbursts really? All angst and uncertainty, you would think I would have left it behind in my teenage years. Well, as an angst-y teenager I did have some sort of vague idea that it would be different as a grown up. Alas, it is not quite so. Or at least it is sometimes relatively angst-less, but now and then becomes completely angst-ridden once again. I think it's quite normal actually.

OK enough gobbledy-gook :) As a mature adult, I could just say I am reevaluating my business and personal plans. Which is true. It has been my plan to reevaluate my plans after this market season, and I've just jumped in a bit early. A few things might go, but a few other things might have a stronger presence. Such as wedding photography. I don't advertise it, so I only do a handful of weddings a year, but I do love it. There may be some more online-ish things that will be added too. Positive, flexible changes. It's all a work in progress, but then, aren't we all?

Yesterday I told the kids I would make them pancakes if they cleaned up. You know, a bit. It was supposed to be an afternoon snack idea, but by the time they had actually achieved a small amount of cleaning, it was 5:30pm. So I declared it to be a dessert treat instead. We all enjoyed them :) This week I posted our favourite pancakes recipe along with serving ideas on the Season with Saltbush blog. They are otherwise known as 'Dad's pancakes' (as in, my dad).


The Kooky Green Owl said...

The angsty teenager in us never quite goes away:) we just get better at controlling it!
Congratulations on focusing- I have so much trouble doing it! x

Elisha said...

I too am so uncertain.. Markets are alot of hard work, you have to do all the hard work up front and then you still never know what to expect... I gave up after only a handful of markets... I much prefer to sell online.

I figure that if I love something then there has to be someone out there that loves it too... and if not then I must just be ahead of my time :-)

Well I don't really think that I just tell myself that...