Diamonds, friends and #pbevent

As much as a market stall - shared with the adorable Nadya of The Kooky Green Owl and alongside Sew Chirpy - is a nice way to spend the day on Saturday, the weekend in Anglesea was somewhat soured by the loss of my diamond. I feel stupid, knowing that the claws on my vintage engagement ring needed to be repaired, but not having gotten around to doing it. And now the diamond is just gone, lost somewhere in the bustle of the Anglesea Music Festival Market. Sob.

Anyway, Anglesea seems cruisy and nice, with plenty of lovely locals (including a group of primary school kids!) stopping to help me search for the diamond on Saturday evening, and I loved visiting one of the Mill Markets in Geelong on the way home! Sienna got a couple of dress-up items, plus some bargain rollerskates for when she grows out of her current ones in a couple of years. I also got her a pair of jeans that look slim fit enough to stay on her skinny little behind, LOL. Oh, and a vintage tie for Ash. He really pulls off the vintage look, bow ties and braces, stuff like that. Cute boy.

Actually I was really happy about Sienna's dress-ups she found, as I had been planning on entering all the Canon Photo5 briefs but had trouble with my 'sequins and low light' idea. One of Sienna's finds was a $5 sequin top that she wore as a dress, which suited my photo idea perfectly :) The deadline was the next day, so it was awesome timing.

I'd already done the first brief 'Foam and bubbles' and I've since completed the next brief - 'powder and fast shutter speed'. 'Ribbon and panning' and 'through a pet's eyes' are still whirring around in my mind, but I haven't got any specific concepts yet.

On Friday I will be at the ProBlogger Training Day in Melbourne, yay! Even though my mind is so not there yet (I have been so tired this week), I just know I will be inspired and reinvigorated by the day. I'm an old-fashioned notebook and paper kind of girl, and will be busily people-watching when I'm not taking notes. If you see me there, feel free to say hi :) I'm hoping to wear my new Anthropologie top that just arrived (above). I've got a thing for yellow lately.


The Kooky Green Owl said...

oh I've been thinking about you- I am so so sorry about the ring was a memorable weekend for the wrong reason :(...I had time getting to know you and Sienna better though and that picture of Ash and bubbles is beautiful. Take care lovely xox

simona said...

Ouch, I'm sorry you lost the diamond!! This almost happened to me but Philip noticed in time that one of the only four prongs was not tight around the stone anymore and didn't let me wear the ring anymore. It took him forever to have it repaired but eventually I got it back and now I check the prongs myself once in a while.
Enjoy the Training in Melbourne!

janef said...

hi Dan
i am sooo sorry about your ring- I know how it feels to lose your diamond- it happened to me too, but luckily I was at home when it happened and found it. sadly, there are too many other things we need to pay for and getting the ring repaired has to wait:(
I will be at ProBlogger tomorrow too- see you there...

Elisha said...

Hi dan, so sorry about your diamond :-( love the photos for canon. And a gorgeous top, I am loving yellow with the weather warming up.also... xxx

sylvia said...

man, that's such a pain about the diamond :((((

i LOVE that photo of the cello bow!