This digital making of stuff

I am knee-deep in creating my first e-book at the moment, a workbook for those who attended my recent 'Loving Light - Chapter 1' workshop in Adelaide, and for attendees of future workshops. I'm hoping that once I get my head around making these things that I'll be able to offer a little variety, some just for fun too :) For this 'Loving Light' e-book, though, it is mostly the design I am working on as I actually wrote the content before the workshop. I'm super professional like that.

Here's a squiz at what it's looking like:

Anyhow, in the midst of this bizarre Photoshop / OpenOffice Writer mish mash I've got happening at the moment, I've been kind of overlooking this weekend's market. Oops! I have a feeling I'll have a busy list-writing morning on Friday to make up for ignoring it all week... anyway, I am really looking forward to being at Anglesea Music Festival's market on Saturday! We're mixing it in to a slightly girly weekend away, with Chirpy Lane (A collaboration between Sew Chirpy and Polkadot Lane), The Kooky Green Owl, my friend Megan and lucky little Sienna is coming along for a ride with the grown-ups.

We'll be at the market from 11am to 6pm on Saturday, if you happen to be a southern-Victorian music festival kind of person ;) And with that, I'll be getting back to e-book-ish stuff!

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small forest said...

I hope that you have a wondrous girls weekend away.
Your e-book sounds amazing, Dan. I love the way youve written your introduction and I think it explains you to a tee, especially having seen you at work! Say hi to Kelly for me

Gaby said...

awesome, your ebook sounds brilliant :)