Home time

Well we're back on home soil after a week in South Australia, and it was one very busy week! I managed to see some of my favourite people in the world, have a couple of fab sessions and run my first workshop, Sienna caught a fish, we ate some yummy thai food, porchetta, pizza, drove for about 24 hours (not in a row) and even had a little bit of time to relax now and then :)

Now I've got another session coming up before school goes back, lots of catching up and organising to do, a newsletter to get out, some scrapbooking projects and a few new canvases to make before the craft market at the Anglesea Music Festival on the 15th!

Today we're having a quiet, at home day while I work from the comfort of my bed... listening to Frances England, Adele, Pajama Club and whatever else I feel like while Cedar is napping.


Elisha said...

Wow! You are a busy lady... I love that picture! See you tomorrow... xxx

sylvia said...

enjoy your cosy home in bed time!!