Quick workshop roundup

My first Curiouser photography workshop was on Sunday morning in Port Adelaide, and I had a great time - hopefully everyone who attended did too :) It was 3 hours of light, cameras, kids and conversation... I will share more about that another time, but here are some of the pictures I shot during the practical part of the workshop. Our gorgeous models are actually my kidlets cousins, who I adored photographing, however briefly!


Debbie Smith said...

Thanks for uploading your pics Danielle, they're great! Could you upload the same ones to our flickr group with the camera settings - aperture, shutter speed, iso and exp comps? I'm going to do that with mine. I love the eyes in the first pic, and the colour of the grass in the last one.

small forest said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning!
We are all in for such a treat and cant wait to see our photos Dan.

Thanks for a very memorable day and hping the drive home was easy for you, x