A Pirate Captain and Wild Thing

This was my creative space last week, really - I made this 'Pirate Captain Jacket' from scraps for Ash to dress up in, and a three-point pirate hat from black felt. Trimmed with recycled silks from Desert Bloom. It's quite easy to make, I read this tutorial awhile back and just winged it from there. Then right before dress-up day I made him brown leggings with woodgrain pattern very roughly machine-stitched down one calf. He wore them underneath some pants that already had torn across the knee, so I just tore the leg right off, LOL. With a shirt and a brown velvet sash tied around his waist he looked very pirate-y indeed. At the time we couldn't find any of his pirate patches or his pirate hook, but he didn't really need them.

Now he insists these are not actually dress ups, but just clothes. His clothes, for wearing. Whenever. Hehe.

On Monday evening I also made Jude a wild thing costume out of bits and pieces around the house - a mask (made like a sort of balaclava), wrist warmers with claws and a tail (attached to a button-fastened belt). He had wanted to dress up as 'Carol' from the movie of Where the Wild Things Are and looked really cute as a monster! The furry bits are actually from a pack of black feathers, from our random stash of crafty stuff. It's hard to see but the feathers are also at the end of the tail. It was quite fun to make up :)


simona said...

I love the things you made. Makes me want to be a small person again and play with all that cool stuff!

mezzo mish said...

Awesome costumes!