30 hour fling: Friday

Our mini-mini break to Daylesford was a great success :) All together we were away for just under 30 hours, and crammed it full of holiday goodness, despite not feeling well (on my part).

First stop was the Lark garage sale, where Sienna and I left sleeping boys in the car with daddy to have a browse. I picked up some fabrics, a piece of vintage wallpaper, a cute cherry plastic container, a crochet blanket as a gift for a pregnant friend, some washi tape and some craft packs. Sienna chose a tiny crochet handbag and a Dumpling Dynasty mirror compact. I got Ash a little picture book pocket mirror and a badge that says 'I love toys' - with a heart instead of the word love - in cross stitch letters.

Then I left Sienna at the car with Ben and the still-sleeping Ash and took Cedar for a wander through the MS op shop, picking up a few kids books for practically nothing :) I also saw some yellowy-brown lace up mens boots that would suit me well for walking to school, and in the right size, for just $10. I didn't grab them at the time, but regretted it later. Unfortunately when we checked back on Saturday morning, the op shop wasn't open. Lesson: don't look $10 leather boots in the mouth. Um. Anyway ;)

We stayed in the Mills Apartments for the night, with a great last-minute discount for booking just a week earlier. It was really nice and spacious, mostly modern but with a few rustic touches that I loved - like the front door area. I didn't, however, take any photos there.

Our dinner at Kouzla was wood-fired pizza and was awesome! We also had a dish of broccolini with olive oil and lemon, which was also fantastic. My field mushroom pizza was the best, and it was so good, though Ben's sardine pizza was yum too :) Mmmmm....

After dinner it was back to the apartment to get the kids to bed. Then Ben and I relaxed with a bottle of The Stump Jump and watched a dvd I'd brought with me, a German film called Schultze Gets the Blues, which we really enjoyed :)


Lark said...

Hey there, it was so great to meet you! Fantastic photos. x

sylvia said...

oh man i have to tell jeff you got to watch that film AFTER ALL, LOL!