30 hour fling: Saturday

At just before noon, we left the Maker's Market for our next stop: the Daylesford Farmer's Market!

One of the first stalls we saw had a lovely display of Outback Pride stuff! We introduced ourselves to Sue and Don, who were lovely. They are at the Daylesford Farmer's Market every month, so now you know where you can pick up your native spices, sauces, jams and cordials to make yummy stuff with (if you are in the area)!

We bought Meredith Dairy goat cheese, Dolphin beer, some local organic sourdough bread, farm fresh milk, a few veggies and Ben enjoyed a yabby pie.

Next stop: Breakfast and Beer for lunch. I have to say when I told Ben that there was a cafe called 'Breakfast and Beer' that served brekky all day, among other things, and a wide range of European beers, he was totally on board with our jaunt to Daylesford. Two of his favourite things. If they played video games in one corner and had electronic music playing in another, he would never leave.

 Everything was fantastic, but I have to highlight the field mushroom - the best EVER. Truly.

Then we were off to Mill Markets - Cedar finally fell asleep during that short drive so Ben stayed in the car while the kids and I went exploring, vintage style! We bought Ash these awesome retro rollerskates - something I'd been looking out for as Sienna has some and they both love them - in just the right size (as in, one size too big!). I picked up a large format golden book of Alice in Wonderland - you can never have too many versions of Alice. And finally, this perfect lamp. I had just started looking for a floor lamp about a week earlier, and then found this - vintage, simple, the teal I already have in my lounge room, velvet finish (which I also already have in my lounge), and a great price. It even fit in the car. I was a very happy vintage shopper :)

Last of all, we stopped by Lark one last time to pick up the Sushi Train set that the kids had earned themselves, and were on the road by 4pm. Ash slept on the way home, Cedar and Sienna did not, and we were home by Saturday dinner.

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