30 hour fling: Lark

I love reading Allison's blog almost as much as I love window-shopping on the Lark website, so I was pretty sure I'd enjoy my visit to the shop itself... and I was right :) It is adorable and gorgeous, full of eye candy and everyone was so nice!

It was lovely to meet Allison as well as the super sweet lady (above) who served me (twice, actually - I popped back in the afternoon to pick up the sushi kit), I didn't catch her name but must be Jordana I think... or Deb.
The displays are really bright and sweet with a pretty, vintage feel. I bought some mini Rice containers in cute shapes and colours. I also got the two issues of 'Spoonful' magazines that have been released so far, I'm quite fascinated with them! I have some sort of vague notion of making a zine or limited edition handmade book of some kind, so I'm calling it research ;)
These felt deer heads are so darn cute! Love it.

I love these vintage style swimsuits by My Sister Pat
Lark is so worth the visit, and Daylesford is not too far for a daytrip from Melbourne - just under 2 hours from here in Upwey, but less than 1 and a half hours from Melbourne in good traffic. It's also just 30km from the Western Hwy if you happen to be road-tripping somewhere in that direction :) Then you could stop for Breakfast & Beer, which we had for lunch, but that's another part of the story...


Anonymous said...

i love Lark too...a little too far to visit though! Love love love these pictures Danielle, you really captured all that cuteness!!

Lark said...

Fantastic photos, thank you so much, from all of us here at Lark, we love you xxx