The world keeps spinning

The world keeps spinning, yeah, the world keeps spinning. You know The Brand New Heavies song? Anyway, anyway.

Weird busy day today! Hot but rainy, lots of walking, a forgotten hat, a happy baby, an update on Sienna's integration aide support at school, a chat with Ash's kinder teachers, a meeting with some staff at the Early Intervention Centre he'll be starting next week, a new issue of Real Living, some cleaning, some words and ink, folding washing (but not putting it away, as usual), paper boats and a bath, Thai food, Schnapps, a clean kitchen, a grumpy baby, pirate lego, a phone call from my little sister, bike riding, chocolate biscuits, a frog, a kitten and a sleepy baby. Not in that order. Oh, and I made a page for Curiouser & Curiouser on Facebook - so you can become a fan if you like! Or not! No pressure, just spreading it around.

Two more photo canvases are finished today, which will go up in the Green Bean tomorrow, and another canvas is nearly done. That one is a gift, though, but I have others to work on from Saturday onwards. That and folding washing, putting things away. I bought a cheap baby monitor on ebay this week though, so there is hope for the garden yet.

OK time to write an article I keep forgetting about, time for an affogato and various other distractions, and then it will be time for bed. Night!


Teresa said...

Love, love, love that photo of Cedar. WOW! just awesome.

Anonymous said...

that would have to be THE cutest photo! Love it!