To do do do

Today I will:
  • Bring in the washing and FOLD IT AND PUT IT AWAY.
  • Photograph Abby for Mon Petit Cherie.
  • Gather maternity photography ideas for shooting (photographically, that is) my belly-shy sister.
  • Try and teach Sienna her spelling words for this week. Which I only found out about this morning and are tested tomorrow. 
  • Email two of my dearest friends (one interstate, one international).
    • Use the new logo I designed on the weekend for cousin-in-law's company to mock up business cards and a letterhead.
    • Email an online shop from whom a t-shirt I bought hasn't arrived yet (and should have!). Am trying to build up a stash of nautical or pirate related t-shirts to stop Ash wearing his anchor rash top everywhere. I could make some, or embellish some, but I decided to start by being more realistic and buying a couple!
    • Take Ash to kinder for the afternoon (walk).
    • Um, make dinner? Maybe?
    • I'm thinking I should add "hope that Cedar sleeps a lot" to this list ;)
    • Ooh and I could also add "blog" and tick that off straight away! I like doing that.
    Scrabble and washing pictures from


    Qube said...

    I think you need a theme song to go with your "do do do" list. Like, I don't know, maybe "Do!do!do!"
    by Tokio? Putting this one on repeat is a great motivator, and doesn't get annoying at all. And the fact that it's related to Xbox instantly raises productivity... right?

    Also, you're awesome!

    small forest said...

    Nice musings and great do-able list.

    Just popped by to let you know im sending some blog love your way this week.
    Over here at