New work

I hung these up at the Have Ya Bean a couple of days ago to replace some that had sold, and fill up the gaps on the walls. The cafe are letting people 'layby' the photos! I think that's so cool. So if someone wants to buy they just have to put down $20 or whatever and pay it off as they can, only taking the picture off the wall and home with them when it is paid off. Awesome. There are two more that I've done that are at the Green Bean, I will share those later this week.

Kell and I worked on a re-design for her blog, and it was kind of an organic process turning out really well (but not exactly planned in advance, except for the polka dots!). I love it :) Reeze, can you send me your logo dev files (psds) pleeease? I want to do a white widget and also pop it in my graphic design gallery - ta babes!

Tomorrow I'll be popping in to Knox and also dropping in at Oxfam in the afternoon to say hello during Outback Pride's tasting. Cedar has his 6 month immunisation (yes - late!) and Ash has kinder in the afternoon. Then my fabulous cousin Bec and her hubby Joel arrive in Melbourne for a fun-filled weekend. Yay!

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