All That Glitters

Thursday night was a bit of a comedy errors but at the end of the day (um, literally, at the end of the day) I had a really fun night :) OK let me backpedal a touch and explain...
My cousin Bec is a big fan of Spencer & Rutherford and introduced me to the brand years ago now. I am fascinated and admire them. Bec is a dedicated fan. Passionate, and even a bit intense. In a good way, of course ;) But that's beside the point, really. The POINT is that we had planned to go together to the Spencer & Rutherford Autumn Winter launch at the Armadale boutique tonight. It was going to cut it a bit close, so the plan was for me to meet Bec and Joel there, they would go directly to Armadale from the airport where their flight was due to arrive at 5pm, and Joel would continue on to our place while Bec and I glammed it up a little and soaked in the aesthetics of Spencer & Rutherford.

However. The best laid plans, and all that. They missed their flight. They got the next one, but still, Bec missed the night. So I went, and listened, looked, photographed and waited for her to land so that we could consult over the phone about which exact bag it was that she was after. Although I asked if it was ok on my way in, I think I might have looked a bit suspicious taking so many photos! But I'm glad I did, I found the night, and the range 'All That Glitters', really inspiring.
And here's a tangent for you, it made me think about why I would take the photos, other than for the purpose of sharing them here on my blog (which was a valid reason). The truth is that taking photos, even just looking through the lens whether I snap the shot or not, enhances my view of things. It lets me see things in pieces, and appreciate them more that way. This was really true of the Spencer & Rutherford boutique. The bags are so varied in colour and texture, and irresistible even to someone not-really-fashiony like myself. The decor is opulent. The display cupboards are full of trinkets and treasures. I completely love this dragonfly bowl.
Ooh and Kim, the designer and creative head of S&R, is just so lovely. We had a couple of chats, and while I think I may seem a little bizarre, it was really nice and also very fun, and she was just so down-to-earth. Here is a note I wrote down after her speech about the collection, before I actually spoke to her. "With just a hint of self-consciousness, Kim is open and down to earth, straight-forward and with neither false modesty nor arrogance, a refreshing woman and designer with a warmth and intelligence that has only increased the appeal of her creations - to this girl at least!" I don't know why I turn all chirpy and editorial in style when I take notes, it is kind of strange. But the point is, I liked her :)
I do think that background and stories, such as the 1920s inspiration, or the first bags with Kim's own fabric design (the Emaline, my favourite), add to the character of an item. This is why vintage is so great, of course, so it's really fun to have some story and being able to fill in the journey a little for a new item as well. Like the new Spencer & Rutherford luggage range which includes a 'weekender' bag, inspired by Bridget Jones and all her talk of 'mini-breaks'. The names of the colour collections are all from the 1920s inspiration and are gorgeous - Glad Rags, Flapper Girl and The Cat's Meow are a few of them.

Bec got this gorgeously rich and textured bag, Cheryl, which is so beautiful and is from the 'Glad Rags' colour range. And I left the boutique with a green Emaline, my first S&R bag for almost three years, so I feel very indulgent at treating myself!


Tulani said...

A really well written piece Danielle. I'm also a fan of S&R and was thinking of treating myself again. A little hard to justify as my last S&R bag is still looking great after 3 years.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your account of the night a S&R. We had a fun night and I love meeting the people who love my bags. You inspire me, just when I had the post Summer holiday blues - I feel much better! Great blog. Well done. KIM

mezzo mish said...

Embarrassed to say I never heard of them. But wow!!! fabulous designs!!!