These days...

...of roast chicken and home-grown potatoes (yes! we grew potatoes!) for dinner...mmm. yum.
...of op-shop and vintage shopping in Belgrave, with discoveries like an assortment of fabric, vintage books, a tiara for sienna, paper boats for ash and this sweet tin tray which looks kind of folk art to me - reminds me a little of Ninainvorm, which I love.
 ...Of hanging another photo art canvas at the Green Bean cafe in Belgrave, to replace 'Snow Love', which sold on Thursday
 ...Of finding golden balloons to blow up (or have daddy blow up), sticker books based on 'Up' - Sienna's latest favourite movie - and pretending to be a kitten, and of a rare afternoon nap for a grumpy Ash.

Also a lot of agonising over the alternatives - or lack of alternatives - for rearranging the lounge, or somehow reinventing the house a little, as it is frustrating me. I think a re-do of the walls is in order, I will make some plans and order some new photos I think!


small forest said...

I dont know what is going on but I feel I have to leave a comment on all of your posts. Im going to stop now, sorry. My little boy used to be a kitten and I had to give him a saucer of milk every morning for months! Hes very theatrical even now hes older.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.