Petite Sienna in Mon Petit Cherie

A friend from South Australia has launched a boutique children's clothes business called Mon Petit Cherie... here is Sienna in one of the sweet dress designs. Sienna is a size or so too tall for this dress (but is a slim little thing) so she wears it here as a top, layered over long-sleeves and jeans tunic style, with the matching headscarf - very cute! I *believe* prices range from $30 - $40 per dress or set, and the dresses are very well made in lovely fresh cottons.

I plan on photographing a couple of the smaller dresses before sending the samples back to Cherie, so I will post those soon. I think it's important for us small crafters and mums working from home to support one another, so, if you can, spread the word!

Mon Petit Cherie have a blog at - and you can become a fan on facebook as well.


Morganism said...

Too bad she doesn't sell adult tunics. I plan to make the tunic-pants combination my spring uniform.

sylvia said...

super cute!
but wait! what do i see in your flickr widget in the sidebar?? new edited photos. quick, off to flickr...