The toys the toys!

It's so easy to be taken over by toys... between those rubbishy plastic bits of... um... rubbish that you get from kids meals, nostalgic collections of every soft toy they've ever owned and a range of hit and miss gifts that kind of miss the spot, there ends up being a lot of stuff. I get brutal every now and then and just take stuff out of the house and pop it away, to eventually be sorted through and given away or whatever. But there are some toys that are definite wins...

Wooden blocks, musical instruments (preferably not beeping plastic things, but that's just me) and lego have all been worth their weight around here. Dinosaurs are easily pulled into various make believe games, even infreqently, so I'm glad we have a few of them. Dress ups are always always a win at our place, and we have many. Princesses, fairies, pirates, pirates, pirates, knights, olden days, a superhero or two. That stuff covers all three kids, so that is from 2 to 8 (well, almost 8).

Something Sienna, at 7 (and 3/4) really likes is her Lalaloopsy dolls. She HAD all of the mini lalaloopsy dolls that were available (10) back in May or so, all safe with their accessories in a white suitcase. Now that suitcase has been missing for a few months, I'm still hopeful that it is at the home of some relative or other. She still has the Pillow Featherbed set and a Crumbs Sugar Cookie mini doll, as the doll wasn't in the suitcase when it went missing and she got the bed set later on. She has one large Lalaloopsy, which is Blossom Flowerpot. Sienna likes to dress up in a similar dress and prance around the garden with the doll every now and then.

Ash, at 6, probably spends more time dressing up or drawing than playing anything else, but he does enjoy playing with his Playmobil and Lego. In particular, Playmobil pirates. Here's a selection of what he has, this is a bit more than half the amount of characters he has. He has some knights as well. They are good for his pretend play, he has a well established line of pirate character voices to utilise ;)

 Cedar, at 2, is currently obsessed with Thomas (we have a lot of the wooden vehicles) and this tunnel from one of the IKEA train sets. 'Momas? Tunnel?' is a regular catch-cry around these parts. He also loves loves loves The Little Einsteins. He got given a little plastic trumpet toy, which has been broken multiple times and fixed with masking tape, which is similar to the one Quincy has in the show. He loves it. The other thing he spends a lot of time doing is switching on the keyboard and playing "songs, mummy?" at random. So, it's trains and music for him.


Anonymous said...

love those pics Danielle especially the little lego men:) i know what you mean with the ever growing collection of toys. after six kids i am totally ruthless...and i am sometimes even mean enough to tell people not to buy them toys! wooden blocks,a suitcase of lego, a big chalkboard, and some paper and pencils do just fine around here:):)

sylvia said...

i really love this post and it totally inspires me to do a toys post as well, even if it's just to remember in a few years what spencer loved to play with at his age. i agree with wooden blocks and musical instruments, we use them EVERY day. same with the ikea train (which is compatible with the thomas one) spencer loves it. but is alltime favourites are his various toy cars, especially the ones where he can open doors etc.