Pretty postcards

My latest addition to Curiouser market and etsy stock is a set of 6 glossy postcards... professionally printed, they look really good and I got quite excited opening my box from the printers today :) I'll have a giveaway ticking away in my mind to celebrate their arrival, so stay tuned ;)

I've listed a few sets on etsy - click here to have a look - and am working on photos of my latest cards and magnets as well. Getting ready for some upcoming markets has me excited to add to my etsy shop while I'm at it. I'm booked in for Mulgrave Maker's Market on the 25th September... it's always nice to set up shop alongside the farmer's market, and hopefully manage to snatch a naughty almond croissant, spinach and cheese pancake-y thing and hot coffee.

Then I have the craft market at Anglesea Music Festival coming up mid-October, plus another Mulgrave Maker's Market or two before the end of the year, at least one Grassroots (in November) and possibly another one or two things happening. I'm doing a bit of a 3-month burst of activity, and then will take a step back and see how it's going. That's the plan, anyway. I'm putting myself out there a bit with an application in for Finders Keepers Market in Sydney... and am thinking about Mark.It Fed Square as well. Kind of testing a theory about displaying much more confidence than I actually feel and hoping it rubs off on people.

I was actually rejected for Daylesford Maker's Market earlier in the year so I'm trying not to get *too* invested in the ideas. As for the Daylesford market, their selection guidelines were either vintage-inspired or modern streamlined, and I don't fit in either of those categories. I would never have known that, however, if I hadn't asked for more information after I received the generic rejection email. If you want to know why, it can be nerve-racking (especially following rejection, we all hate that) but it's handy to ask. You tend to get answers. Answers are good :)

I'm not forgetting the actual photography side of things, of course! I have a couple of commercial shoots in the works for friends + family, a mini-workshop booked for Adelaide and tentatively listed for Melbourne as well, a family session, a girly friends session... most of all I want to keep having fun taking photos, and loving the light of this time of year.

Also, on the weekend we are going to Mt Buller to spend a couple of nights at the snow, first time ever for our kidlets :) Sienna and Ash are very excited about snow-man making and general snowy happiness.

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Elisha said...

I love the paper lantern post card - I love those almond croissants - and I love that you are putting yourself out there like that!

I wonder why they have pigeon-holed the daylesford market like that - vintage inspired and modern streamlined - who would have known.

Wow, finders keepers sydney, so excited for you :-)

Anja said...

I love that style! these strong contrasts!

sylvia said...

hm? are you back to the blogger commenting thingy?? confused....

aaaanyway.. all sounds very exciting and i hope you make loads of sales! and SNOW, how cool! can't wait to see and read all about how the children liked it!

so, we're in GA, and it might take a while for me to properly reply to your email.... but i'm thinking of you! love and hugs xxx

Seaweed and Raine said...

Such pretty images! :) Fantastic thinking having them professionaly printed!

FishesMakeWishes said...

beautiful, bold colors! My favorite is the one with the flower, paired with a great quote too :-)