Curiouser at home... Simona, Georgia, U.S.A.

Our second Curiouser at home feature comes from my friend Simona in the United States. Simona is a graphic designer who moved to Georgia from Hamburg, Germany, shortly after getting married. She lives there with her husband Philip. Simona and Sylvia (from the first Curiouser at Home feature) are two sisters on two continents who together run Artsy Ants, a fabulous blog and etsy store. Go check it out, it's lovely!

Here Simona has one of my 5"x7" everydayArt canvases on display. She tells us:
"It used to be on the fire place mantle by itself. but the other day i put your picture into a shadow box with the playmobil grill master. sylvia and jeff gave that doll to philip as "thank you" for grilling at their wedding.
The other items on the photo are a card sylvia made, a dice philip made, and a russian doll that belongs to sylvia and me. "
I love the quirky combinations! A gorgeous little scene :)


sylvia said...

hmm, lovely. i haven't seen it in the shadowbox, love the combinations too :)

simona said...

Yes, a quirky combination is what it is. Very well said. The only thing that really combines the items is how I feel about them.