Onwards and upwards... but first, a recap

Well I'm back from my blogging hiatus and family holiday (to see family in South Australia) and have kind of missed the end of year. Never mind, my first post of 2011 will be a collection of highlights and favourites from the year past. This week I will also be posting a recent wedding, kids shots, holiday adventures, a recipe and my new favourite coffee... back to 2010.

Favourite place:
Denmark was stunning and fascinating, I loved the woods and the sea in the wilds of Winter, Copenhagen in the midday sun... Roxby Downs was incredible, with the wide skies and red dirt. Adelaide is always fun and I do love being at home (sometimes). But my favourite place to visit was undoubtedly my dear friend's home in Hamburg. A year ago, Cedar and I were cosied up with Sylvia, Jeff and Spencer and having the most wonderful time just being there.

Favourite purchase:
Hmm the new car is pretty cool, and I am *quite* attached to this laptop, but of course I can't go past the new camera I got last year :)

Favourite new person:
My nephew Levi was born in April... awww....

A favourite layout:

Biggest change:
Launching Curiouser (after a couple of years break from photography as a business). I launched in May, and did 21 shoots over the year, including sessions in Adelaide and Roxby Downs and four weddings. I designed a handful of logos and print media, a couple of websites and I'm about to add blog design to my services.

Other things I will remember from 2010 include:
  • Ash's 4 year old kinder and year of early intervention
  • Ash's official diagnosis with Autism
  • Cedar stayed in hospital in Adelaide for 2 weeks with pneumonia
  • Ben decided to change jobs
  • We got a new car
  • I visited Outback Australia for the first time in my life (Roxby Downs, for photo sessions)
  • My brother-in-law Toby got engaged to his girlfriend Sonja (xmas day)
  • I started selling at markets - wall art, cards, prints etc
  • We visited Christchurch, New Zealand, as a family
  • I contributed to Maeve, an online women's magazine, the first time I've had an article published outside of a Scrapbooking magazine (not that it isn't awesome to write about scrapping)
And, finally, a few of my favourite photos from the year that was:


simona said...

What an eventful year this was for you!
Thanks for sharing all these memories with us.

What I Say Matters! said...

These pictures are AWESOME!!! Love it!

What I Say Matters