The kids and I drove back to Melbourne on Wednesday after a nice week in Adelaide - a good balance of family time, work and play. These shots are from the day we spent with Tatum and Lauren - the kids had such fun that by the end of the day the girls were begging for a sleepover :)

I just got two gorgeous kits in the post from Scrapboxx, and since I just finished the January OTP kit project a few days ago I am really in the mood for scrapping! It will have to wait a little, though, as I have an article to write, some emails to answer, washing to put out, a wallet to drop off, nappy to change and - I'm sure - some random procrastination to throw in the mix.

Have a great weekend :)


small forest said...

I miss those wonderfully simple days when the kids used to play in cardboard boxes. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Nice to have you back in the state :)

Anonymous said...

thankyou for a fun day :) xx