This week

This week has been all about water. So used to not having enough of it, these last six months have been a chaotic reversal. This last week has seen terrible floods throughout Queensland, in particular the "inland tsunami" flooding of Toowoomba, Grantham and those areas. Then Brisbane, Ipswich, etc. The death toll is up to 17, with thousands displaced and so many damaged or destroyed homes.

Now Victoria also has floods to deal with, a few of the towns - Skipton, Beaufort, Horsham (still waiting for the peak) - being places we pass through regularly on our road trips to South Australia, so the pictures seem even more incredible.

It reminds me of the Black Saturday aftermath in one way - the way the online blogging and craft communities, as well as other people and businesses of course, have pulled together to raise money. There is a great list of information on Pip Lincolne's blog here: Ways you can help.

Make it Perfect is curating a whole host of blog auctions that are helping the cause.

I'm watching That Vintage's auctions on facebook with proceeds going to the QLD flood victims (I completely love this necklace!)

And I have donated three of my 8"x10" canvases to the Your Creative Journey silent auction flood appeal on facebook, with a gorgeous list of donations from such fabulous artists as Viv Bonder, Ngaire Bartlam, Jill G-G and Louise Nelson. The auction for the first of my canvases starts at 4pm this afternoon and finishes at 6pm, so you've gotta be quick! You start by emailing for a paddle number and then using your paddle number to email bids, so that privacy is ensured. Details on how to bid are here. These are the canvases I'm donating:

It's strange, I have had a quiet blogging week because of the floods and so on - other than being rained on, it doesn't affect us here, but I felt that I couldn't blog about anything else. And didn't really know what to say about it. So I just waited, really... and left it until rather the last minute to let you all know about the art auction!

In any case, wherever you are, stay safe, give your family an extra cuddle. These are those kinds of days.


sylvia said...

i understand. i wouldn't know what or how to blog about it either. it's just so sad. stay safe, big hugs from us all.

Leanne J said...

you are such a wonderful lady to donate such amazing pieces of art.. thank you for helping... lots of love an sugar...lj

Ashley said...

your blog is AMAZING! Im SO happy that I found it!!!