Final Fifteen

I've posted about visiting Fifteen before, it was kind of a tradition my cousin Bec has whenever visiting Melbourne and I've been a couple of times with her. For one reason or another, Ben never came with me. So when I read that Fifteen (the restaurant) is being redecorated, relaunched and rebranded, I wanted to show Ben what it was like before the changes happened. We also hadn't had a date night in forever (well, since our anniversary in April I think...) On the 24th December, we had a 6:30 seating and enjoyed...

Arancini (a complimentary appetizer)

Ben had: Crumbed sardines with pine nuts, currants and sherry vinegar dressed baby leaves (sorry no picture of that one), and...

I had: Giorgio’s burrata with zucchini flower fritte and olive oil poached vine tomatoes

I loved: Rotolo of baked ricotta, button mushrooms, baby spinach and marjoram with crispy sage, brown butter and parmesan,

while Ben enjoyed: Vialone Nano risotto with steamed Spring Bay mussels, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes and parsley

After hearing about the South Gippsland free-range origin, Ben and I both selected: Black Angus beef sirloin with a tasting plate of mustards and condiments.

After a lemon and rosewater sorbet to cleanse the palate... Ben chose for dessert: Chocolate Icecream with grappa cherries
and I found the Mixed berry crostata with clotted cream particularly yum!

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Lauren said...

Devine!! The sirloin looks so cool...I am jealous :) x