Auction for Lori

Curiouser photo of Hayley and Caden from a family session in Adelaide.

I read about Lori on Maxabella Loves... and have had her in the back of my mind since. Lori is from the Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum blog. She has two small children (aged 3 years & 16 months) & lives in the leafy suburbs of Sydney. Under tragic circumstances her husband suddenly passed away on January 10 this year. This has left Lori with no income. (I won't link her blog directly here, but you can find it via the other links if you are prepared for tears).

Anyhow, it's so awful and when I saw that friends of hers have organised an 'Auction for Lori' to raise funds for her support, I wanted to help as well. I've donated a Curiouser photo session plus 8"x12" print. I've also added a note to my Curiouser facebook page that existing clients could bid if they want to and have the auction item convert into a $150 credit instead (in case they want to use it for orders instead of a session).

In lighter news, post 700 is coming up in a week or two on my blog - might have to have a fun giveaway! Any suggestions are welcome :)

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