I got Sienna to pick a winner for the 'i love dirt' giveaway out of a hat, and the lucky person is...


So off the book shall go all the way to Germany. Probably with me at the end of December, though, as I have already taped shut a parcel for you which will be heading that way today - yay!

I also wanted to share today these beautiful gifts the kids recently received from that very same lovely crafty dame - Sienna has been prancing about wearing the apron and although the other tees are too big for their respective boys at present I am sure they will pop up in many photos later on :)

Thank you so much, we love them! And what a great idea, this hand-made feel of personalising pieces as gifts - what a clever chook Sylvia is :)

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sylvia said...

Oooohh! Yipppieh! How great!
Yes, I meant to tell you I sent something off for you - and that the boys T-Shirts will be too big. But I just didn't want to risk ANYTHING, so I decided to make them a little bigger. Glad Sienna likes her apron!