Jeans Baby and Ash Smash

Earlier in the year I mentioned that I entered Huggies Jeans for Genes day photo comp - well, I was one of the 10 national winners with this photo of Cedar - yay!

Cedar has his 4 month check this week, a little early (10 days before he is 4 months), now that I think about it but whatever ;) I am curious to see his weight and length, I think he has grown SO MUCH he is a big baby now! It doesn't last long, does it, the whole new baby thing. He's into 00 now, though his Cotton On 00 romper is a bit short but they are small sizes there. He now: giggles, munches on his fists and tries to clutch toys to his body. At the moment he is grizzling because he didn't have a long enough sleep!

Ash is the next one up for figuring out, at this point he has speech therapy and is booked in for early intervention next year. There is an Early Learning Centre not far from here which offers afternoon sessions once a week for early intervention on a referral basis, and Ash was referred by the local Maternal and Child Health Nurse. He is going to have a psych assessment this term, on the recommendation of his speech therapist, and I'm keen to see where that goes. Not that any assessments change who he is, but as with Sienna's Aspergers it is helpful to know if we are reacting and teaching the best way for them.

I love my kids, they are so fun!

In the meantime, I am LOVING this song, and yes I heard it on the Where the Wild Things Are preview (can't wait can't wait!)

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Wendy Smith said...

it is so lovely to see you gorgeous kids. Congrats on your photos win with HUGGIES

Good on you for getting you little ones assessed. We waited a til charlie was nearly 4 before we had him assessed and he is diagnosed with Aspergers. Wish I had of known earlier!