4 months old already... this little man of ours is growing fast. At this age Sienna was about 6.2kg and 63cm long, Ash was 6.6kg and 66cm long and Cedar is 6.44kg and 65cm long. He definitely resembles each of them at the same time as being completely his own little person.

At the moment he loves sticking his legs and feet straight up in the air when lying on his mat and either grabbing his feet or using them to play with his baby gym toys. He is teething a bit and getting better at sleeping during the night in longer stretches. He also has his own passport - so cute - all ready for our trip to visit Germany in just under 6 weeks!


vikki said...

He's gorgeous Danielle. What I want to know is how you managed to get a passport pic that ticks all the boxes?? Ours was a nitemare!!

sylvia said...

Yay for Cedar getting his passport!!!