Indecision, or how (not) to 'Make it Happen'

I read an interesting post on Decor8 about passion and profession, it is totally something that I think about and I found it quite timely. I am at a point where I don't know exactly what to pursue in that mum-at-home extra income way. Yes, I have an etsy shop so that is an avenue. I've had market stalls, only local but still. I have had exhibitions and one in planning. I've done photography. Graphic design, web content, writing scrapbooking articles. Some things I enjoy doing for money, some I only enjoy when money is not involved and some I don't have the opportunity often enough. Self-promotion can be an issue.

Finding things I like to do, and CAN do isn't a problem, but finding something that succeeds IS. Q Tea Kits was fantastic but I was ready to move on. Now I want something more hobby than business, for the time being at least (I told my accountant I would only have hobbies for this financial year, and she didn't believe me LOL). But with my love of travel, wishlist for the house (our bathroom is desperate!) and little people with their medical expenses and so on, a little bit extra would be nice. I feel like I have stuff to offer, but either I don't know how or I am not ready to be proactive, to make it work.

This isn't a sob story, don't get me wrong! But I think a lot of people find the same conflict, especially mums from home because of our circumstances requiring flexibility. So it is worth sharing, exploring, expressing. The feeling that I am creative, smart, capable - why can't I make something work? I've even done it before. It's a matter of finding the right avenue. Especially with the economy dramas in 08 and 09, making things people love isn't enough. Or it is but the right audience is needed. I think to find real success you need to know what you want to achieve so that you can go for it - that is where I am just not there yet. I am indecisive! When I get to the point of not asking everyone else what they think and just knowing what I want to make happen, THEN I can make it happen. So, until then...

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Giovanna Scott said...

Totally agree Danielle. Family and kids (absolutely) come first and always drag me away from my messy spot. I have faith we'll all find it eventually.
Good luck!!