Whale Tail

In my dream last night we were going to some sort of island / cliff area, and had to park the car because we don't have a 4WD. Ben wanted to try and drive it but I pointed out an area where we would scrape rocks on the undercarriage of the car if we tried, and it was almost vertical so we'd need a 4WD. But there was some kind of bus or we could walk.

Then it's only Ash and I in the dream, and off to the left of the lighthouse on the island is an open access to the ocean, Ash starts swimming around in the ocean with these massive whale tails coming out of the water right next to him, he is having a great time but I ask him to get out of the water and we just watch the whales. I think how much Sylvia would love being this close to the whales.

We go around to the right of the lighthouse which seems to be a tourist attraction, which is a man playing the cello on a whale tale. I'm confused about the image, I think he might be sitting on top of the whale tale or he might be using the tail as the cello, with a bow. I think it was the latter actually. We decide it is not as interesting and go back to watch the whales close up in the ocean again.

Just made this digital collage / sketch to get the image out of my dream...

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sylvia said...

Oh yes, I would love that - living IN the lighthouse next to the whales maybe?