Post-IKEA craft

One afternoon Ash wanted entertaining so we decided to make him a play-car out of an IKEA shopping bag that was sitting around... relatively quick and easy, here's how it was done:

1. Cut out the base of the bag.

2. Cut into the bag below the handles, big enough to fit your child's shoulder.

3. Cut four large circles out of cardboard, roughly (in my case) colouring them a dark colour - or you could use black or whatever colour card you want to keep it simple!

4. Cut four smaller circles (CD size) and attach one of each size circle, small on top of big, to the four corners of the IKEA bag with brads or split pins.

5. Attach a paper plate to one end of the top of the bag with another brad or split pin. Insert child, and hopefully have ten minutes to yourself while they play cars!

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