Random post time - in case anyone was wondering, I'm still here ;) Here's some stuff I'm loving at the moment -

CANDYTOWN!!! Love these paper designs by Adrienne Looman, an exclusive release from Scrap In Style TV, so funky and bright and cool. I have totally ordered this, and am also getting the current collection with it, which is Kelli Crowe's 'Shabby Rockstar' range I believe. Fun fun fun :) It'll arrive in August sometime.

Tinkering Ink CHA release 'Botanical Bliss' - so bright and beautiful, can't wait to see this in real life, and just the prompt required for Kiti Q to add Tinkering Ink to their range of fresh and funky brands - yay! Not sure when it will be available, but it will be fun.

ebay - Kell helped me pick up this display cabinet I bought on ebay, and it fits perfectly into the only (previously) empty corner in my tiny lounge room - yay! It is supposed to be for storing Ben's games, so I can take the shelf in our bedroom down, which I wanted to do as I am redecorating the bedroom at the moment. But Ben and I both agree that the green tones of xbox games won't do much justice to how nice the cabinet looks now. Not sure what to do about that, though, it has to have a practical use. Also the two pastels resting on the top are my recent purchases from my friend Anna Mackow (you might remember my layout of Sara the last post - Anna is Sara's mum, they are both very cool!). I have a rule that I only buy art in mediums I don't use myself, these are oil pastels and I just love them.

Another big one - IKEA! Went there with the kids on Wednesday to get them a quilt cover each. They are in different colours but similar design / theme, one girly and one boyish. Here are pics of them on their beds (Ash's will look better when he has a proper single bed, but it still looks much better than before). Also their 'Smalland' play area meant I only had to cart Ash around for an hour, and got almost everything I wanted to look at done in that time.

Cooking with native herbs - Ben's folks are behind the Outback Pride project and we get most of the herbs and sauces they produce from the bush foods and herbs grown on Indigenous communities. It's all very interesting stuff, but the bit I enjoy is the cooking! Love adding these funky flavours to whatever I'm cooking - kangaroo stroganoff with ground kutjera is a family favourite. Last night I added saltbush, mountain pepper and lemon myrtle to my roast chicken and homemade stuffing. Yum! You can even get some of them from Safeway now, under the brand Outback Cafe.

On to other things, here is a sneak peek of a layout I did yesterday for next week's Kiti Q newsletter - register on the site if you want to get it and don't already :) It uses mostly the Cherry Arte Arcade range, which should be arriving in store next week, with a bit of Rouge de Garance, Scenic Route and Love, Elsie thrown in for fun. And it was a fun one ;)

I've been tagged by the gorgeous Lee as a 'Rockin' Girl Blogger'! So I'm gonna tag some of my favourites as 'Rockin' Girl Bloggers' -


(I would totally have tagged Viv and Lusi too, but they were tagged already, LOL - such rockin' girls!)

Ash is driving me mad and this post has taken most of the morning (on and off), so just one last bit of news -Noell Hyman contacted me through 2 Peas and is featuring me on her blog paperclipping this week. I am intrigued as to what she will say, that's for sure!

If I had an applause emoticon I'd totally put it here for anyone who made it this far :) Laters.


leewoodside said...

Hey girl thanks for some more links to check out some Rocking Bloggers.

sylvia said...

Hmm, loved reading your random stuff. Why don't you attach some fitting fabric to the back of the glass in the cabinet? Something that will do it justice and at the same time would shield the games?
Got that kitchen rack to (for the herbs), how cool..!! Hugs!