Aussie Dares

Did this layout for the current 'Aussie Dares' challenge - it is based on a page from a vintage children's book and a torn piece from an old children's record cover. I got to use a few bits and pieces the lovely Viv sent me, as well as some vintage crochet bits and some lace I picked up from the Alannah Hill outlet.

Had a bad afternoon yesterday, Ash broke my portrait lens while I had turned my back to clean up a beer glass that had fallen out of the cupboard and smashed (after having the dryer spinning away in the bathroom shook it all up a bit), then the cat knocked our new soap ceramic liquid soap dispenser into the bath where it smashed, and I found out Regina Spektor played in Melbourne LAST weekend and I totally would have gone if I'd known early enough. Hoping today goes better.

On a positive note, Em left lovely comments on a couple of my layouts in my new 2 Peas gallery (see sidebar for link) that I started on Sunday.


Suzannah :o) said...

today has gotta be better... right!
Hang in there Danielle!

coll said...

Hey Danielle this is my first visit to your blog and i love it. have seen heaps of your work and it is sensational. thanks for sharing it and inspiring people like me who knows what I love but just need a little nudge. love your music tastes too. You may like my little bro at blues and roots is his thing. look forward to seeing heaps more of your work.

sylvia said...

oh no what a day! sometimes everything happens at once, right? hope things are a lot better today!

leewoodside said...

Love this layout.
Sorry you had such a crappy day.