It's done!

Well, it's done. Sent. On it's way through the air to the U.S.A. My Memory Makers Masters entry that is... Cool, now I can forget about it until late August when the winners are announced, and I can share the layouts here :)

Speaking of which, I have a few I forgot / missed sharing from the past month or so. This first one is a page I did in my art journal, which is about 9"x9", and then ripped out and stuck on PP to make it a 12" layout, LOL.

The second one I did for a SC commission and then didn't like it enough to send off for publication, and made a different layout to replace it.

This canvas is of our niece Alisha, the baby girl of one of Ben's stepsisters. I did this 3 months ago as part of that comp I mentioned last post. Bec and Matt, Alisha's parents, have it now, I believe.

In other home-oriented news, I finally covered my scrap chair seat. It was all raw hessian and springs, now covered in satin from a vintage cheongsam. Sienna has been pretending to be Lola (from Charlie and Lola), telling us Ben is 'Charlie' and Ash is 'Soren Lorensen'. I am, apparently, 'mum' - instead of mummy which is my actual name. Hmm I think Charlie is older than mum, not sure how that works, but Sienna doesn't seem concerned by it. She told a little girl at the shops this morning "I'm Lola" and the little girl introduced herself in return. Very funny. The bonus is that if I ask 'Lola' to do something, she is far more likely to obey than if I ask Sienna.

Aren't these three a bit cute?


Anonymous said...

beautiful work dQ!

good on you for sending your entry in, i won't be surprised at all if you make it! :o)

Anonymous said...

All the best with your entry Dan! I bet they all looked brilliant :) Hey did you see last week I scrapped a layout on viv too? How freaky is that? LOVE yours :) She is beautiful. I think you or Kell or Em took the photo of the one in my layout.
Love all your shares here - you are so talented Dan! Love your chair too!
Lus x

leewoodside said...

Gorgeous work girl!!!
Good luck with Memory Makers.

Sarah said...

Good luck with your entry,your work is awesome!!

sylvia said...

Yep! Totally cute!!

Julie said...

Love the pages here. Good luck with the Memory Makers.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Memory Makers!!

Love, love, love that canvas!