New Painting

Well, I can't show you, because I just finished it five minutes ago and am SO not getting the camera out etc at this time of night, also with gel medium-sticky fingers (sorry, my poor laptop), but I just did a mixed media piece and I am really happy with it! Yay! It feel so good to do a 'painting' (ok, canvas really, but there was some paint). Also the message on it is kind of positive which is a step for me. Not my words, lyrics from a Kendall Payne song (will post with the picture of the painting, tomorrow maybe), but quite spiritual and, I dunno, positive. As spiritual things tend to be. For me, anyway, which is the thing with painting, it is more about expression than the end result. Bonus of course if you actually like the end result, which I do tonight, but I may not tomorrow, LOL. I promise I'll still show it though.

What also excited me was using the gel medium and pigment powder I bought (especially after Viv's awesome techniques article in SC about pigments). I don't think I did it properly, cos I was too lazy, I just sprinkled the pigment powder on the canvas and then painted over it haphazardly with gel medium, at the same time as sticking the book paper on. Hmm. Was fun tho, love the messy side of things, despite my unconventional use of mediums. But the important thing is that I DID use them!

OK I have had a glass or two of red, but I do remember I wanted to show a layout. Or was it two. Anyhow, one is in this month's For Keeps and is in the 'heartfelt journaling' category, involving a letter I wrote to my parents a few years ago - actually about 5 years ago, almost - with a recent photo of them.

And it took some thinking, but I remembered the other one I wanted to share was the one I sneak-peeked last week - Space Cowboy. The title is from the funky Jamiroquai track, someone thought it was from someone else's music - Steve Miller? don't know who that is, LOL. Um, no, Jamiroquai it is. I thought I'd post it as a Kiti Q customer who was buying the required product asked about the cowboy hat - I just drew that, but I will be making a tracing / template so if you want it just email Kiti Q when you place an order! A bit too much product involved for a class kit, sorry about that.

This just came in my inbox, the story of the day, and it made me laugh. That could be the wine, of course - not that I've had THAT much - but I'll still share:
Here's the Story of the Day:
Hard Choice
I don't really like coffee, she said, but I don't really like it when my head hits my desk when I fall asleep either.


Natasha said...

Danielle. Looking forward to seeing your canvas. Like to see what you have done with the pigments. I really want to get some of those one day.


Anonymous said...

Aww come on Danielle... where's the piccy... dying to see it! LOL ;)

Anonymous said...
can't wait to see the canvas AND
your use of pigments! i'm sure it
is totally awesome!

Leenie said...

Aww come on Danielle... where's the piccy... dying to see it! LOL ;)