Weddings, parties, everything

On Saturday Ben's older brother Toby married Sonja, aren't they gorgeous? Sienna did a great job of being a slightly shy flowergirl, but was a little uncooperative when it came to bridal party photos in the rain, hehe. It was an awesome day.

We drove home on Monday from Adelaide. Yesterday I kept the kids home from school, as there was a whole-school excursion to see Arthur Christmas. Since we don't celebrate christmas, I took the kids to see Puss in Boots instead and spent the rest of the day washing, tidying the house and getting ready for Sienna's "girly afternoon-tea party" with five of her friends after school. I'll share photos when I get them on the computer later! It was a great success, full of gorgeous edible treats made by Kell, some funny makeup and nail polish bits and pieces, arts and crafts, lalaloopsy dolls and lollipops.

Phew, then all the girls were off home again by 6 and I made fish burgers for the fam's dinner. Today I took the kids in to school a little bit late - Sienna had, unsurprisingly, slept in. Then I found out that both kids had class end-of-year parties at 10am, so I picked up a few free range cabanas and made up some cheese, cabana and bread stick thingies. After taking them back to school, I drove to Burwood to pick up an ipad2 which had been ordered through Ash's fahcsia funding to supplement his Occupational Therapy.

This afternoon I spent an hour sorting papers and moving books around looking for some paperwork, and then headed to school early to get the kids. They had dentist appointments in Ferntree Gully. Ash was fantastic, took all of five minutes to be examined. Sienna had a kicking, screaming and running away approach to the whole dental exam thing, but in the end we got a brief lookin. They are both doing fine. We had pizza for dinner. I had a beer. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I have an overdue scrapbook project which I am currently printing photos for!

Excuse the mind-numbing summary, LOL, just recording a brief overview. For posterity. Or something. ;)


The Kooky Green Owl said...

Phew! you been busy.. wedding photos look fantastic. Your awesome. x

simona said...

Ha, I wasn't even aware Ben had an older brother but when I saw the photo I immediately saw the family resemblance. They look like a very sweet couple. I hope we get to see more wedding photos... :) I'm dying to see how Sienna looked as flower girl!