A rainbow of books

That has got to be one of the most self-explanatory blog post titles ever. As Sylvia noticed from my last post, I have organised some of my books by colour. Earlier this week I went to Ikea with Kell (check out Lana's room revamp Kell did with the furniture she picked up) and bought some bookshelves. Just the white Billy ones. I have installed two in the lounge room, one each on either side of the entranceway from the foyer.

One has our red velvet couch in front of it, so three shelves are hidden behind there and four are visible. They have mostly my things, with a shelf for Ben's sci-fi novels and some gaming stuff. Board games and a few stray kids books are here as well. I will photograph this area another day.

The other has almost all kids books. The top shelf has a few that are child and family related, Autism related and a few craft books. But the rest of the shelves are entirely kids books. I've sorted them by colour, but due to the different sizes of all the books I couldn't effectively put them in blocks of colour. It would have meant less shelves. So I made it a running rainbow from left to right. It's easy enough for the kids to put things back in roughly the right spots too. At the moment having them all here in one place, so accessible and visible, has meant an extra surge in the amount of reading going on. Especially by Cedar ;)

Now I am reorganising the bookshelves in my room to be storage for Curious Bazaar and other business stuff. The lovely Wendy Hill gave us a lovely mention the other day, if you haven't already you should check out her blog The Textured Leaf, I just love keeping up with her thoughts and stitches. Though I don't comment on it anywhere near as often as I have comments in my head. I must work on that. Thank you, lovely Wendy :)

Anyway, the foyer bookshelves I'm still figuring out, but am hoping to mostly put baskets and boxes for random shoes, bike helmets and whatever other junk gets thrown around that area. Streamline things a bit. Anyone who has been to my house will tell you that streamlined isn't the word that would come to mind describing it ;) It is quite small (saying foyer makes it sound grander, which is quite funny, our glorified entranceway is actually our study as well). And we are quite crafty and busy. But it's about headspace. I need to have more control over our environment so that tidying up isn't quite such an exercise in futility - i.e. some things have actual homes where they can get put away. Bonus, right?

It's almost 2012. Half an hour to go. I'm going to go to bed, and think about that later. Though I can't help dream of fireworks and snow (despite the 35 degree day we've had) ...

Have a great night :)


sylvia said...

i love the rainbows, one on each shelf, that is cool!
i'm so with you on the organzisation and headspace issue. i think about re-organizing and giving stuff a home all the time...
i thought so much about our time together yesterday... i wanted to write an email but it was a busy day. well, there were fireworks, but no snow :(( and there was quite a heavy fog, so most of the fireworks got "lost" anyway.
will write soon, xx and hugs!

Anonymous said...

I have always sorted the books by size (so the smaller books don't get lost in the shuffle) but sorting by size is more interesting.

Steph L

Jackie said...

I wasn't sure about displaying books by colour but you've converted me.

It certainly looks beautifully and there is a lot of merit in displaying books like this for small children who can't yet recognise letters of the alphabet or book genre.