Putting stuff places

With Curious Bazaar stock, scrapping supplies, loads of crafty bits and pieces, clothes, books, toys and so on and so forth, storage has been on my mind lately. I'm painting a loft bed I bought on ebay at the moment, it will be ready for Sienna soon and then Cedar will go downstairs to be a 'big boy' in the bottom bunk!

As unoriginal as it is, I've been making wishlists and shopping lists from IKEA and hope to have at least a few of these to add to my decorating plans within the next month or so. The plan is to increase actual storage! I might just have to declutter a touch as well. Wouldn't that be nice ;)

Billy bookcases

Stenstorp plate shelf

Stenstorp wall shelf

Mostly, though, it will be moving things around that we already have, furniture from one room to another (as well as children, hehe) and things from one cupboard to a more useful cupboard. Gradual spring cleaning. A bit at a time.


sylvia said...

i always say to jeff: no more ikea in the house. but then, if you really need something storage wise (not for decorative reasons), it is the most practical and inexpensive place to go!

small forest said...

Im the opposite to Sylvia.
The only thing I have from Ikea in the house is a clock and a couple of plant pots im using for cutlery. I want more storage too and that stenstorp range is so nice,

The Kooky Green Owl said...

I love ikea too, however, whenever I go, I want everything, get overwhelmed and end up buying nothing...I think I need to be like you and make a list! x