Maeve and Tickles

Well while I've been squirreling away with dentist, occupational therapy, doctor and speech therapy appointments, photographing stock, posting orders, burning discs, painting Sienna's new bed, making moussaka, babysitting a little munchkin and talking to my mum on the phone, a couple of new exciting things have come out online!

First, I write for Maeve occasionally and their Summer 2012 issue has just come out. If you have a good look, you'll find my article 'The busting dance' tucked in there somewhere :)

Tickle the Imagination is the other online magazine that has a new issue out this week, this time featuring my photography shoot of clothes by Little Tree Kids, Monet Paisley, Dinky Me and Polkadot Lane, as well as accessories by Sew Chirpy (Sew Chirpy and Polkadot Lane stocked at Curious Bazaar, of course!). Sienna appears throughout, she's a pretty easy model, and Cedar and Ash both appear somewhere in there ;)

Have a read here - our feature is from page 53 onwards. Yay!

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