Home life

I decided to take a few quick snaps today at the goings on around the place, this was at about 5:30pm while I was making dinner:

Vegies ready for grilling

Sienna's addition to the shopping list "trits" (treats).

Another of Sienna's ideas, this is her mobile flower shop. She put holes in the cardboard with a needle and then carefully put the stems in and carried the full card around offering flowers to us all :) That was earlier today, they aren't looking as happy now.

 Just what our fridge looks like at the moment. Mostly Ash's drawings.

 And the boy...

A little something I've been working on, more on that later.

And the munchkin, grubby face and all. That's just the way it is...


simona said...

the "tritz" note is neat! and i'd love to order some flowers from this adorable mobile flower shop. tell sienna i'm ordering a bunch of flowers to have them imaginarily shipped here, maybe she can invent a flower shipping box :)

sylvia said...

i'm loving this post and the newest pics of your 3 cuties!!
are you organizing your books according to colour?

small forest said...

Such a beautiful post Danielle, (dont know if you realised how lovely it would be when you started) love the shot of Sienna and the boys.
Nice to know someone else needs to write down the simple groceries in order to remember, x

ps. I want more posts like these!