The way that I work

Or maybe I should say, the work that I do... Actually, the way that I work at the moment - website administration, graphic design, editing, etc - is on the couch with my laptop on my rug-covered knee. That isn't normally the case, when I am using my graphics tablet I need more stable space, and I move to the desk when I need to be really productive and the kids are up... I work in the afternoon (Cedar is usually asleep) if I can, and after the kids are in bed. Today I finished adding photos of Outback Pride herbs (Tanami Fire, above) to the food service section of their website ...

Last week I designed this logo for my gorgeous sister Kelly, of Polkadot Lane, and our friend (also gorgeous!) Kate of Sew Chirpy, for a collaboration they are planning. Love this colour combo!

I managed to pick up a whole pile of canvases in a sale, and they are now piled up by the dvd cupboard in the foyer. I should find a better spot! I will, I promise. In the meantime, they remind me to schedule in "mixed media" time in the next couple of weeks... 

And here (below) are some final favourites from last month's family session in the Alfred Nicholas Gardens, I have another session there tomorrow morning. Autumn leaves and children, what fun!

This last shot is so my new favourite.

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simona said...

what a beautiful girl!
i can definitely see why all these pictures are your favorites!