Friendship and helping out

Lately life has been a lot about work, a lot about family (as always) and also a lot about friendship... more specifically my friendship with my cousin Bec. We've been friends since she was born, pretty much, so that's not unusual. She's been having a hard time for a few months now, part of which involved being suddenly left without income or support...

While Bec has a casual job now, and has had some interviews for others, with all security pulled out from beneath her, every little bit counts. So I've taken on the job of helping her sell things to raise money - so far, dvds and video games. Check out the list on ebay here and perhaps see if there's anything you'd like, I'd appreciate it so much and you'd also be helping Bec out. I'll be adding some gorgeous clothes, a pair of boots and a handbag within the week :)

(Bec and I earlier this year, at the kids Neverland party).

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Bec said...

Thanks so much babe! You are amazing, literally a lifesaver and the best friend anyone could ask for xxxB