Five favourites from etsy


S. K. said...

i just faved that wild air print the other day!!! hold on, don't get the pixie hat, i'm making some for your kidlets.... now the secret's out, but don't tell them yet! sorry for not writing back yet, will soon, i promise!! spencer's gift arrived today, i knew something special is in the post because our postman rang the doorbell to give it to us personally, as he always does with big envelops. thank you so so so much! it will be perfect for our big trip to the States!

Sylvia said...

um, your know comment thingy is weird, i need to find out how it will show my name, of course it's me, sylvia!

dquarmby said...

LOL I know the commenting is weird, I changed it so I could try out replying
to individual comments :) I knew it was you ;) Yes, sorry I didn't include a
note or anything, but the tshirt was perfect so I couldn't resist sending it
straight away!

S. K. said...

 i think the mistake lies in my google account, where i once signed up as S.K. i actuall really like that you can reply to individual comments, sort of like in typepad!